Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Spanish Pyrenees: El Pueyo de Jaca

     We left Pamplona in the morning and took the bus southwest to Jaca, and then another bus for an hour to El Pueyo de Jaca, which is a small village in the Spanish Pyrenees. There is a youth albergue (hostel) there and we were ready to do some hiking. So after dropping off our stuff and eating lunch, we went hiking.

Albergue in El Pueyo de Jaca

           The nearby village of Panticosa is a ski resort town and is nestled into the mountainside. We hiked there to get some fruit and then went back into the mountains, hurrying ahead of a couple dozen horses that were being led to graze in the fields beside the trail.


Hiking trail

     The hike offered fantastic views. We hiked for around five hours, all the way to a pueblo called Hoz de Jaca (Hoz means gorge), and back to the albergue. 

     Pueyo de Jaca is located on a reservoir, which this year has overfilled to the point of swallowing some of the surrounding trees. 

     So our day there was spent hiking and we woke up early the next morning to catch the bus back to Jaca, then another bus to Canfranc, and finally a third bus to Escot, France, to stay at a chateau for a couple of nights where my brother worked last summer. Stay tuned for that post coming soon. 

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