Sunday, May 5, 2013


     So, Venice. A floating movie set with thousands of extras walking around. Don't get me wrong, there is no doubt that Venice is beautiful and unique. but with so many tourists walking around, the atmosphere is more that of a theme park than a small Italian town. The difficulty saying there are too many tourists might be a bit hypocritical, considering we were two ourselves. But that is the reality of it, and we were hard pressed to find anything authentic about the place except for the buildings, bridges and canals. So, here are some photos of those!

(Famous Rialto Bridge)

(Grand Canal)

     Across the bridge from the main island, it was a bit less crowded. It is home to the 17th century church Santa Maria della Salute, a church we had seen a month prior in a painting by Spanish painter Martin Rico and were looking forward to seeing.

(Santa Maria della Salute Church)

       Stay tuned for my last Italy post, on Rome, which was of course touristy as well but which we enjoyed much more. 

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