Wednesday, May 1, 2013


     In fair Verona...we felt bad for even going to the courtyard of that fake Capulet house. Fortunately, that's as far as we got before turning around to discover the foal friendly culinary town. Alex said that when in Italy, if you see a barrel outside of a restaurant, you can't go wrong. We found him to be right. We all ordered excellent pasta dishes, mine being pumpkin ravioli with meat (maybe horse, maybe not). It was delicious.

(Pumpkin ravioli)

     Turns out Verona has a remarkably well-preserved Roman amphitheater dating from around 30AD. I always find it interesting to see these structures of antiquity all out of place next to Versace and Gucci stores. 

(Roman amphitheater) 

In other news, Verona has unintentionally funny words engraved into and hammered on buildings. 

Verona also has a castle, Castelvecchio, dating to the 14th century. It crosses the Adige river and provides some nice views. 

     The day was cold and wet but that didn't stop us from having our fun and getting Alex in on the bike bell ringing. The narrow streets were very pleasant, and the lunch alone was worth the trip. 

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